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Ukrainian Canadians: Have we no shame? Have we forgotten our heritage?


Met. Yurij believes split of Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada would be...

Met. Yurij Shocks Ukrainian Community in Toronto

Bartholomew calls Ukrainian Orthodox Church USA "Church of the Devil"

We Must Reach Orthodox Ukrainians in Western Canada

The Death of the Ukrainian Canadian Community? Gloria Sametz-Chewchuk

BRUOC Information Seminar #2 - Preview

Четверта хвиля (Fourth Wave of Ukrainian Canadians) BRUOC #2

Aggressive Expansion of the Russian Orthodox Church, BRUOC #2

15 Jurisdictions in the Orthodox World, BRUOC Seminar #2

Censorship in Canada by Ukrainian Newspaper Visnyk (Газета "Вісник")

Ukrainians in London, England, Concerned and Worried

"I Will Protect Ukrainian Interests" Met. Yurij

Orthodox Bishop Censors Holodomor Remembrance Ceremony

"Bitter Russian Honey"

$185K+ Spent Defending Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Vancouver, Canada

There can never be a Church of Ukraine

Canon Law & Ukrainian Orthodox Church of USA (UOC of USA)

Independent Ukrainian Church or Subdivision of Different Church?

Ukrainian Orthodox Church sold for 400 gold pieces & 20 sables in 1686

Return of Ukrainian Church to Russian Church ("Mother" Russian Church)

Ukrainians, Name Calling, Traitors, and Partisans


"We ask hard questions to get to the real matters at hand..."

Stand with Ukrainians or Serve Foreign Interests?


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